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LawMed Insurance Group, Inc.

LawMed Insurance Group, Inc. provides only two products/services - group disability and life insurance; and to only one industry - law firms.  The expertise needed to truly understand all the working parts and components of group disability is significant.  It's takes unique knowledge and experience to know what and how to deliver this benefit coverage.  LawMed is the nation's only benefit advisor that specializes only in these coverage and marketplace.  From decades of experience that actually includes consulting and assisting insurance carriers writing these contracts of coverage, LawMed creates customized Plan strategies for each client firm.  Every firm is different from one another; your benefit Plan has to be different as well.  Find out for yourself the difference and contact LawMed.  The real difference will become immediately apparent.

Contact Information:

Ron Weltmann

512-470-5347 (phone)

737-932-6210 (fax)

Texas Lawyers Insurance Exchange

Texas Lawyers Insurance Exchange is the tried and true source of reliable, responsibly priced legal malpractice insurance for Texas lawyers and judges. TLIE began operations in 1979 under the sponsorship of the State Bar of Texas Insurance Trust at a time when Texas lawyers were having difficulty obtaining legal malpractice coverage at reasonable rates. Since that time, commercial carriers have come and gone from Texas, but TLIE has been a consistent and stable source of high quality professional legal malpractice liability coverage at financially responsible rates for Texas lawyers and judges. TLIE is owned by its member insureds and is operated by a member-elected board of directors. TLIE currently provides over 5,500 Texas lawyers and judges with legal malpractice coverage. Through superior underwriting and claims practices, TLIE has returned over $36,550,000 in profits to its member insureds over the past 18 years.

Contact information:

512-480-9074 (Phone)

Mike Yarber
Mindy Klement