Facilities Management

Corporate Care

Corporate Care is a highly specialized assets restoration and predictive maintenance company with an emphasis on carpet, hard surface,  furniture, stone  and water intrusion remediation and restoration.  Please visit our website or contact me directly should you need any direct references from law firms and other corporate clients we serve across the country as we would be happy to provide them.  We look forward to working with the ALA members.

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512-318-3890 (phone)
Shannon Bryant

Apex Surface Care

We’re vigilant about implementing the most advanced technology solutions on the market and keeping customer satisfaction our first priority. Now with more than a decade of experience at maintaining all types of floor coverings in all kinds of industries, we’ve added product selection to our menu of service offerings. After all, who better to understand the optimal floor covering product for each environment than the company that does the installing? We know product from the ground (actually, the substrate) up!

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512-687-7086 (phone)
Brenda Booth


DTI is a leading legal process outsourcing (LPO) company serving law firms and corporations around the globe. DTI helps its clients accelerate the changes they must make to remain competitive. DTI is a preeminent leader in the management of information and processes. The company manages risks and minimizes costs associated with complex litigation and compliance functions. The extensive experience in eDiscovery, managed services, litigation support and court reporting is unmatched in the industry. To learn more about DTI’s global footprint, flexibility, capacity and world-class project management, visit www.DTIglobal.com

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303-204-5355 (phone)
Dale Furnell

JPM Carpet and Hard Surface Maintenance

JPM is a leader in commercial carpet and floor maintenance, brings top-quality services and expertise to every job. With 17 years experience, JPM will create the professional appearance you want, the clean working environment that you need, and the reliability you expect from your commercial carpet and floor maintenance company.

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512-380-0444 (phone)
Patty May